A Day on The Wrist of Queen Elizabeth II

Today is the 70th Wedding Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, sadly we could not find the watch of choice for Prince Phillip, however we have found our favourite watch of Queenie - her Patek Phillipe Ellipse Ref 3748 in white gold (of course darling!)

You may notice that the dial of her watch seems as if it is a dark red, to our knowledge there is no red dial version of this watch (however feel free to email us and put us wrong). We have discerned that actually this red glow is the reflection of Big Phillip's dashing red jacket.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Phillip) and her Patek Phillipe Ellipse Ref 3748


We are not sure if she did indeed have this above version with diamond accents, or perhaps donned the one below, which to be fair looks a tad more Regal and less Yacht Club.......

Womens Patek Phillipe Ellipse Ref 3748