A Day on the Wrist of - Ronald Reagan in 1984

On this day in 1984 President Reagan formally announced he would seek a 2nd term.
Reagan was a through and through Rolex man, he clearly caught the Rolex bug early and this led him to frequently donning the gorgeous and truly classic Datejust, one hopefully similar to this one below.

Reagan, Rolex, Rolex Watch, Vintage Rolex, 1601, 1602

Interestingly Donald Trump often made it clear during his campaign trail, that he thinks of himself as a natural heir to Ronald Reagan. So much so that he has reportedly begun to refer to Theresa May as “my Maggie”, a reference to the close relationship Reagan had with her.

Oh and it doesn't stop there, in 1999 Donald Trump bidded and won one of Ronald Reagan’s wrist watches during an extremely interesting auction of many other pieces of significance. The watch Trump won was Reagan's Colibri Quartz watch that sold for the final sum of $7,000.

Reagan, Colibri Quartz, Watch, Vintage Watch

Historically speaking presidents over the years have worn inexpensive watches; President Bill Clinton for example wore a Timex Ironman during his Presidency. The general consensus is that Donald Trump’s passion for the watch stems for his interest in the prior owner rather than the watch itself.

Whatever the reason, we are adamant he should of tried to buy Reagan's Datejust instead, however we are sure he won't (and shouldn't) be letting that one go anytime soon.