Explore your Own Watch Taste, Don't Follow Suits and Squares

Every aspect of a watch is personal. Sometimes the dial will take precedence, for others the lugs, case shape, size, hands, hour markers, lume hue, crystal or for those also seeking after my own heart, the patina. That's before we even go into bracelet selection.

Don't pay attention to the morons hurling around "you need a Rolex to look the part here pal" or "35mm or less? That's for children". Watch hunting is a journey of discovery, exploring your individual taste and an extension of your personality. Throw the preconceptions and peer pressure into the abyss and embark on your watch discovery.

Yes you will make mistakes, buy watches that at first don't seem right and some you may even downright regret. However,  this is a journey, your journey of taste, the path less trodden.

You won't simply stumble on your grail watch by mistake.


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