Money, Memories and Ammunition (1 Min Read)

There is only once place for me to venture on a sleepy Saturday, a unique and subdued second hand warehouse store.

My searching first began as an unearthing quest for undervalued and unappreciated mechanical watches. This has now spiraled into a lust for all things vintage and/or wonderful; 1960’s overhead projectors with their original OHP film sheets resting on top, one layer of dust beneath lies fading explanations. Through the next hallway you are greeted by rusting World War Two chests belonging to various war veterans with their name, rank and regiment inscribed on the side, from time to time I do even leaf through degrading LP’s to stumble upon an LP signed by a “W F Gibbons” or a “Mac McVie”. Such establishments as these are riddled with a monument of history at every turn, eager to be discovered, found and enjoyed.

These shops are dotted all over the country and largely unappreciated by most passing foot trade. Half the fun (and battle) is finding them, keeping them a secret is not too hard once you realise the potential they can unlock. This is not just for a budding businessmen on a profit venture, moreover for lost memories, untold stories and the historical road they lead you down. If you make pound, dollar or euro in the process then great!

I’m off to find some more…..


– Wilberforce Watches –

By Sam Tucker


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