Le Phare Chronograph

Le Phare Chronograph

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Rose Gold Vintage Le Phare Chronograph Watch with Landeron 48 and Telemeter Dial


This handsome light rose gold wristwatch has a multi-scale silvered chronograph dial which is powered by a reliable Landeron Cal 48 hand wound movement. The ivory dial is beginning to form a beautiful patina which looks amazing against the raised arabic numerals. We have fitted it with a thick dark brown handmade strap made from 100% genuine leather obtained from Pittards in Somerset (UK), it is specifically tailored to this watch with lovely contrast white stitching. It feels great, will age gorgeously and will mould perfectly to your wrist!

There are two engine-turned subsidiary dials: to the left for constant seconds and, to the right, for registering minutes whilst the chronograph is running. When the chronograph is running, the minutes will count on the chronograph register up to 30 minutes (if the chronograph continues to run past 30 minutes, the counter continues to record time but of course starting from 0 once more). Within the minute register, the 3rd, 6th and 9th minutes are marked with elongated batons.

Interestingly these long markers represent the post office fees that were once charged when making telephone calls – calls were frequently charged in 3 minute intervals and thus by running the chronograph, it could quickly be seen if one had run into the next unit fee.

The silvered dial has outer scales in blue (slightly faded due to the patina) and red for tachymeter and telemeter. Tachymeter scales enable the user to compute the speed of a travelling object over a set distance. In this instance the dial is calibrated for 1,000 units. If a car is timed over a measured mile, the user could begin their chronograph at the start of the mile and stop it once one mile had been travelled – by then reading on the blue scale, the speed in miles per hour are shown; for example, if a car took 30 seconds to travel 1 mile, the reading on the scale will show 120, i.e. the car is travelling at 120 miles per hour.

The telemeter scale allows the calculation of something that emits both sound and light – for example, if the chronograph is started when a flash of lightning is seen and stopped when the thunder is heard, reading the chronograph seconds hand against the red scale will show the distance of the thunder storm from the watch, in this instance the scale is calibrated from 0 – 20 kilometres.

HISTORY of Le Phare:

The brand was founded by Charles Barbezat-Baillot (1847-1938) and Henry Guye (1838-1877), however initially after naming it Guye & Barbezat they changed the name to Le Phare.

It roots start at 1888 in Le Locle high up in the Neuchâtel mountains, which later on gave birth to the Jean d'Eve watch range, which has left its mark on the story of Swiss watchmaking. Indeed, from as early as 1889 its watches were rewarded by the most eminent prizes : Gold medal at the National Exhibition of 1896 in Geneva, followed by the 1889 at the Great Universal Exhibition in Paris.

From its very beginnings, Le Phare specialised in the production of complication watches, including repeaters, calendars and chronographs. Interestingly, in 1915, Zenith briefly took over the company before relinquishing control again in 1922. During the 1940s and 1950s, Le Phare exhibited at the Basel Watch Fair and advertised their chronograph and other complication watches.


Landeron calibre 48 manually wound movement, lever escapement, 17 jewels, compensation balance, 18,000 BPH

CASE: Watch case is in good condition
DIAL: Good, a lovely patina forming.
BACK CASE: Good condition, a few marks consummate with its age.
CROWN: Fantastic condition.
CRYSTAL: Great condition.
OVERALL CONDITION: Has been tested, cleaned and checked over and is in excellent working order.
PRESENTATION: Presented in a vintage style presentation box, great for a gift or to simply keep the watch in.
AUTHENTICITY: Certification provided upon request.

Technical Specs:

CASE SIZE: 33mm to crown (36mm without crown)
STRAP WIDTH: 18mm at lugs
CASE MATERIAL: Rose Gold Plated 20 Microns
BRACELET: Brand New Handmade Brown Premium Leather Strap, crafted in the UK


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