Omega Seasmaster 2551.80.00

Omega Seasmaster 2551.80.00

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History of this timepiece:

Arguably best know from the 1995 James Bond Goldeneye film, where the watch was seen around the wrist of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond, before it was removed by the villain of the film Alec Trevelyan (006) portrayed by Sean Bean, as he uttered the words, "Ah... new model?"

The original 2531.80 (the full-sized brother to the 2551.80) was launched back in 1993, but its greatest success came after pairing the watch with the new James Bond of the post-Cold War era: Pierce Brosnan of Remington Steele’s fame. Now, to be precise, 007’s watch of choice in Goldeneye was the quartz reference 2541.80, as some eagle-eyed viewers can confirm by closely observing the tick of the seconds hand and the three lines of text on the bottom half of the watch. The automatic version (2531.80) was featured in the three films that followed (Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day), until Daniel Craig came along in Casino Royale wearing the upgraded 2220.80 model. Sadly, its appearance in the Montenegro casino sequence marked the last time the Seamaster 300m was seen on-screen, replaced in Quantum of Solace by the more technically advanced Planet Ocean line. However, 15+ years on the silver screen have forever associated the Seamaster 300m with the James Bond franchise in the minds of the audience.

Omega first unveiled their Seamaster 300m line in 1993 and is still to this day the only Seamaster 300m. This particular watch, the Omega Seamaster 2551.80.00, is truly as stunning as the day it was made. Manufactured in 1993, this timepiece shows clear signs of being well looked after, obvious by the absence of scratches on the crystal (glass), and few markings on the case and band. A few larger marks are present on the bezel; however, this is expected with vintage timepiece, and each mark has a story and adds character to the watch.


Arguably the most famous feature of the Seamaster comes in the form of the blue wave pattern on the dial, and trust me when the light strikes the dial just right, the waves shine back in an orderly, mesmerizing manner. Working inwards on the watch, you come to the skeletonized hands which provides a splash of colour to the otherwise cold blue dial, in the form of the seconds hand red tip; unfortunately however, as is the case with many Seamaster's manufactured 1993 the red has faded to a pinkish white over the year.

There is a white date window at the 3 o’clock position. Many people argue that no diver needs to know the date underwater, but let’s be honest here, how many people will take the Seamaster for a dive. Speaking of diving, the lume is present on the hour markers and hands of this watch, and is likely made from tritium. Originally intended for divers to be able to identify the time underwater, it still shine green when the watch finds itself in darkness.


The exquisite alternating polished and brushed surfaces of the lugs, the scalloped bezel and aluminium bezel insert, the subtle yet functional crown guards, and the slim profile all come together to create this distinctly recognizable 90's diving watch.

At 10 o’clock, we can find the oft maligned helium valve escape. Saturation divers need to work for days at a time in pressure-controlled environments enriched with helium to avoid oxygen toxicity. Being the smallest and swiftest element in the periodic table, helium atoms can seep through the seals and gaskets of the Seamaster. This isn’t cause for concern at great depths, but during the resurfacing process, the helium gas inside the watch could expand due to the drop in pressure. Therefore, the helium valve should be opened during decompression to avoid popping the sapphire crystal. More of a conversation starter than a useful tool in real life however.


This watch is powered by the chronometer-certified Omega calibre 1120 mechanical movement, itself derived from the tried-and-true ETA calibre 2892-A2. A solid workhorse, this widely respected ETA movement can be found in a variety of high-end Swiss watches.


This Seamaster comes with it's original 9-link stainless steel bracelet, held together by the old pins system. It is a definite part of the Seamaster’s DNA, and is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable bracelets in the business.

--The information for this description was obtained from Ulises Valenzuela's 2019 blog called "Omega Seamaster 300m Review: Clash of the Wave Dials" on

Technical Spec:

MOVEMENT: Chronometer-certified Omega calibre 1120 - tested and is keeping accurate time.
CASE: Brilliant condition.
DIAL: Incredible condition.
BACK CASE: Amazing condition.
CROWN: Excellent condition.
CRYSTAL: Fantastic condition.
OVERALL CONDITION: Has been tested, cleaned and checked over and is in excellent working order.
PRESENTATION: Presented in a vintage style presentation box, great for a gift or to simply keep the watch in.
AUTHENTICITY: Certification provided upon request.

Technical Specs:

CASE SIZE: 36.25mm - not including crown.
STRAP SIZE: 18mm lug width.
CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel.
BRACELET: Original Stainless Steel Bracelet.


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